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About Us

When things aren’t going smooth,
leaders need to react swiftly.

We are an enthusiastic team of experts in learning, change and innovation. We help organizations solve business problems through corporate training, facilitated creative problem-solving, team development services, outcome-driven innovation, and custom training development and delivery.

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Get to know us

Meet the Team

Janice Francisco, Change and Innovation Consultant, Custom Training Solutions

For over 15 years, Janice Francisco has helped leaders, teams and businesses approach challenges and solve problems more effectively, together. She’s worked with over 500 teams to help them transform how they work with others, adapt to evolving circumstances, and deliver outstanding results.

Carrie Walker Boyd, Instructional Designer, Custom Training

Carrie has spent the last 20+ years helping leaders get to the heart of the issue they wish to solve with corporate training and forming a clear path to get there. She has worked on large and small-scale projects, from instructor-led, virtual, e-learning and hybrid solutions to facilitated problem-solving and dedicated group learning workshops.

Who We Are

TouchPoints Learning is a consulting, corporate training, and learning services firm, enabling teams to collaborate, innovate and learn.

We offer a full suite of learning design, development and delivery services as well as a problem-solving framework, practical toolkit and high caliber coaching so that you can unlock your team’s brilliance, thrive through change and achieve outstanding business results.

Our Values

We work to leverage creative potential and seek out innovative solutions with a growth mindset and a heart set on doing the best work possible.

We inspire authenticity and transparency and value integrity.

We guide and decide with a focus on nurturing quality wholehearted relationships and collaborate to find the best possible win-win solutions.