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A Guide to Our Solutions

The table below outlines the three tiers of service for our Problem Solving facilitation offer(s) and the features included with each.

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Solutions Comparison Guide


Quick Start



How many days does the team need to be available?1 day4 days8 days
How long will the whole process take?Within 14 - 30 daysWithin 30 daysWithin 30 days to 90 days
Who is Involved?Intact teamIntact team + Cross-functional groupIntact team + Cross-functional group + wider stakeholder group as required

2-day engagement

4-day engagement

7-day engagement


Up to 2-hour Strategy CallXXX
We assess the situation at hand, understand your desired outcome and establish the priorities for the engagementXXX
We build an initial plan of the creative problem solving process steps (Clarify, Ideate, Develop, Implement) and thinking tools that will best propel you towards your outcome in the time we haveXXX

Problem Solving

1 – 3 virtual workshops delivered in up to 5 hours totalX
4 – 6 virtual workshops delivered in 1.5 – 2.5 hour intervals - up to 2 days totalXX
We explore your challenge and guide your thinking using the creative problem solving process and the FourSight Challenge NavigatorXXX
You leave with a strategy for moving forward and a clear sightline on your next stepsXXX
We take care of schedule coordination, establish virtual meeting links (MS Teams or Zoom) and invite stakeholdersXXX
We document your thinking and progress in the FourSight Challenge NavigatorXXX
We provide the online collaboration / digital facilitation tools to support your workXXX
We wrap up the session capturing lessons learned and identifying next stepsXXX
We can engage a wider stakeholder audience in data gathering, brainstorming sessions or solution evaluation sessionsXX
We custom design workshop materials, as needed, to achieve your goalsXX

Results & Reporting

We take you as far and fast as you can go in the time we haveX
We take you through the entire creative problem solving process (Clarify, Ideate, Develop, Implement) ensuring you’ve got a solution to your challenge and a basic action plan to guide implementationXX
We share the completed Challenge Navigator so you have a record of your progress, including links or downloads for any of the collaborative digital tools we used to capture your thinkingXXX
Detailed Action PlanX
Consolidated Reporting with Executive Highlights and Executive Briefing to help you manage up and get executive buy-inX

Engagement Wrap Up

1-hour meetingXX
2 x 1-hour meetingsX
We meet with you to debrief the engagement, capture lessons learned, review your next steps and answer any questions you have so that you continue to gain momentumXXX
We conduct a follow up check in meeting to answer any questions that may come upX

Change Management & Implementation Support

We work with you providing coaching, change management and implementation support to implement your action plan for up to 2 daysX


$5,000 USD

$9,500 USD

$16,500 USD