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Carrie Walker-Boyd

About Carrie Walker-Boyd

The key to designing compelling learning experiences is making sure you have appropriately identified the business problem that needs to be solved.

Almost always, it isn’t what you think!

Carrie has spent the last 20+ years working in the public and private sector, non-profit and labour organizations, helping leaders get to the heart of the issue they wish to solve with training and forming a clear path to get there. She has worked on large and small-scale projects, from instructor-led, virtual, e-learning and hybrid solutions to facilitated problem-solving and dedicated group learning workshops.

Carrie has an Honours Bachelor’s degree and a Diploma in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University. She spends most of her creative energy and passion on the Needs Analysis and Design phases of learning projects. Carrie is a genuine helper and collaborator who will work with you to clarify your problem, set your objectives, and transform your content into the right training solution—for your business needs and your audience—ensuring they acquire the knowledge, skills and aptitudes they need while enjoying training again.

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