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FourSight is a collaborative problem-solving system that helps people see their differences and tackle challenges through a whole new lens.

The FourSight Thinking Profile assessment reveals how people approach a challenge. The FourSight Framework provides a universal language and problem-solving tools to solve tough challenges.

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Challenges are places we often get stuck.

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We over analyze, we run out of ideas, we delay action or cause rework with the wrong solutions.
Together with FourSight, we can help you build momentum and overcome the challenges of working on teams.

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Understand yourself and

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Take on challenges more effectively

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Increase collaboration and innovation

How Do You Approach A Challenge?

Faced with a challenge, we all have a natural approach to tackling it.

And that’s great until you start working with other people.

With FourSight, the Thinking Profile Assessment helps you discover your natural approach to problem-solving, and researched-based tools help you do it better. Your Thinking Profile shows where you may be under or over-doing key stages necessary to solving complex problems. It also reveals where you may be causing conflict on the team. 

Armed with the insights from the FourSight Thinking Profile, your team has a roadmap to greater performance and the tools to get there. 

Can you recognize your natural approach to solving problems in one of these thinking styles? Whatever your natural approach is, FourSight can help you and your team solve problems better. Together.

Clarifiers do their homework but may suffer from analysis paralysis.

FourSight’s structured approach gives them the confidence to move ahead.

Ideators think big but sometimes overlook the details.

FourSight’s tools for analysis help them get the details right.

Developers get things right but can get stuck working out the perfect solutions.

FourSight’s action orientation helps them be more agile.

Implementers get the job done but may leap to action too quickly.

FourSight’s 4-stage process helps them think things through.

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FourSight Thinking Proflie

Why we Love FourSight®, and you will too

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It’s easy to learn, accept, adopt and implement as a process for complex problem-solving and innovation.

It introduces a common language, structured process, and practical tools that enhance collaboration, productivity, effectiveness and results.

It integrates a scientifically validated psychometric assessment that helps people understand how to bring their best thinking to work.

It plays well with any business practice, process or other innovation approaches you may use. Even if you’re using Design Thinking, Lean or Agile, FourSight builds the foundational creative thinking skills necessary for innovation and makes team and cross-functional collaboration easier.

The FourSight® Thinking Profile

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The FourSight® Thinking Profile is an assessment, proven by independent research to increase collaboration, communication and innovation.

It helps people discover things about themselves and others that transform their ability to solve complex problems and achieve their goals, together.

What can you expect?

  • 10-minute self-assessment
  • Universal problem-solving framework
  • Easy to understand and apply
  • Valid and reliable, based on 20 years of research
FourSight Online

Together, we can help you optimize performance on your team.

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If your teams suffer from the need to do rework

If you’re not coming up with the right ideas,

If you need help building solutions the organization accepts

If you are trying to implement something and can’t get traction,

No worries, we can help. 

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About Janice Francisco

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Janice Francisco understands the struggles of being a leader in our complex world.

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As a FourSight Certified Presenter, Master Trainer and Consultant, Janice Francisco has more than 20-years experience working with FourSight®, introducing it to leaders and their teams, and teaching them how to leverage FourSight to optimize team performance and drive stellar business results.

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