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Custom Training Solutions

Learning Design.

Good content is only part of what makes good training. It has to be assembled and served up in the way learners require. Reading content is not ‘learning.’ Our corporate training and team development experts work with you to determine which content is relevant to your learners—and how to organize and deliver it to them.

Classroom and online components, quizzing, evaluating, boosting with post-class activities and on-the-job training—a lot goes into the design of your learning program.

Let us help you get there!

custom training solutions
customized training solutions

eLearning Solutions.

eLearning, delivered online, is an effective way to provide content when learners don’t need to be in a room with a facilitator. Saving time and budget, e-learning allows people to access training anytime and anywhere, consistently.

Today’s e-learning uses video, scenarios, AR/VR, and effective follow-up to deliver content at the learner’s own pace and with the ability to revisit as needed.

The question is, how might we help you produce something your learners will love and recommend?


Do you have learning content that needs to be available just in time with just enough information to support your audience? Microlearning is short (usually around 3-5 minutes) chunks of content or video that address one topic and completes one learning objective. For example: ‘Cleaning your workstation after shift.’ This form of training helps engage audiences with short attention spans so they can absorb small amounts of learning when needed.

Are there chunks of learning that your audience needs to reference often? Augment your more formal training with these short, quick bursts of information.

custom training