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Does your success depend on your team’s ability to collaborate, innovate and respond to change?

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The ThinkUP Framework™ is a unique, customized program that takes leaders with their teams through a 3-step journey that:

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ThinkUP Innovation Framework

Identifies a team development goal​

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Provides a shared language, training and toolkit to guide collaborative problem solving​

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Coaches for application in real-life work settings using action learning.​

So that your team becomes innovative and resilient and can respond creatively and effectively to any business challenge.

Introducing ThinkUP™

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Welcome to a training, organizational development and problem-solving method designed to enable the transferable skills that organizations need: creativity, critical thinking, and change leadership.

The ThinkUp Framework™ helps teams develop the skills that help people think, act and thrive in a more unpredictable and rapidly digitizing world.

In a business environment that relies on partnerships, strong relationships, and productive collaboration to find innovative solutions to navigate change and achieve stellar organizational results, the ThinkUP Framework™ is the solution you have been looking for.

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ThinkUP™ Explained

Using the science of creative problem-solving and team effectiveness, the ThinkUp Framework is a research-based method that supercharges collaboration and engagement so you can successfully tackle complex business challenges and drive better, faster results.

The ThinkUp Framework™ method includes highly interactive training, a practical online and onsite toolkit, and high-calibre coaching through action learning so that leaders and their teams get the structure, skills and support they need to work effectively across functions, whether they are working virtually, onsite or in a hybrid work environment.

What if You Loved Leadership Again?

Here’s our simple 3-step process to make that happen:



We work with you to confirm the scope and define and plan the engagement to meet your timeline for delivery. We then work with individual team members to understand their work environment and personal development goals to help them connect to the training, so they can fast-track adoption of the process, tools and techniques they have learned.



Custom based training is delivered over two days and includes FourSight Mindset Reveal, FourSight Innovation Toolkit, and the ThinkUp Keys to Collaboration Masterclass.



Create uses action learning labs to apply what's been learned to resolve your business issue and generate the desired outcomes.

We coach your team to implement the learned strategies right away. Watch your teams solve your business challenges, lead effective collaboration, and create stellar business results.

With ThinkUP™, you can lead your team to effectively tackle the formidable challenges of innovation and change in an evolving world and deliver stellar business results.

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Why Choose the ThinkUp Framework™?

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The ThinkUp Framework™ will give your team(s) self-awareness and a greater appreciation of others. The framework provides a problem-solving process that can be applied to any business situation that’s giving your organization headaches—and we teach participants how to be resilient in the process.

Investing in leadership development and training using the ThinkUp Framework™ will bring immediate, sustainable and long-term impact on your organization. You and your team(s) will develop the confidence to use the skills, tools and processes gained through the process over and over again.

About Janice

Janice Francisco understands the struggles of being a leader in our complex world.

complex problem solving facilitator coach

With over fifteen years of working with over 500 teams, Janice knows how to navigate the inevitable challenges of organizational leadership.

Janice teaches her ThinkUP Framework™ to leaders and their teams. She leads you through a three-step process that identifies a team development goal, gives you a creative problem-solving approach and toolkit to guide collaboration and teaches you how to apply it in your context to get desired results.

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