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Use Microlearning to Clear Your Backlog of Training "To-Do's"

New Year, new goals and lots of training to accomplish? Let us help you by creating micro-learning videos for those bits of content your team needs in an engaging, just-in-time and impactful way.

Use Microlearning to clear your ‘to do” training backlog

If you’re like many leaders, you constantly hear about something in the business that isn’t working, isn’t being done correctly, or ‘people don’t understand.’ These comments turn into a pile of training requests—which can feel insurmountable.

Do any of the below comments sound familiar?

‘We have that new policy people have been struggling with, and we don’t know if we need to train on it, or maybe there’s a communication problem….’

Many of our senior staff are retiring, and they have great notes on some of the best practices they use for customers. I want to get it out to the rest of our staff.’

‘There is a big inventory we’re getting ready for, and everyone needs to know how to mark off their areas and fill out the forms, but we can’t train everyone all at once.’

‘We need to give our new committee members some background on roles and responsibilities. We have a ton of documents, but no one’s going to read them. How can we get this to them in a less painful way?’

‘A new piece of equipment will be used in the warehouse. All staff need to know the basics on how to use it, but if we simply leave a manual there, they’ll never read it.’

Microlearning Could Be Your Solution

You now have a fantastic opportunity to turn a ‘we should do something about this’ item into a beautiful, complete, ‘done’ piece of content.

Enter micro-learning and training videos

If you have material on your desk waiting for you to do something with it, the content might be a great candidate for a short training video, a walk-through demo, or live instruction from a subject-matter expert. 

Micro-learning videos quickly communicate small chunks of information through live demos, animated step-by-step instructions, or awareness pieces from subject-matter experts. These short training videos:

  • can reach a large, remote group
  • provide consistent information
  • just-in-time, at the time of need, and;
  • just the right amount of content

Research shows that videos are processed faster by the human brain than written text. Given that they combine sound, text, and movement, they are easier to connect with and engage more people with diverse learning preferences.

Microlearning Videos Can Include:

1Animated Infographics

2Whiteboard Animation

3Real Person Narrator/Actor

Need Help With Microlearning Solutions?

Microlearning training varies on cost and time to develop; however, whatever your needs and budget are, there is a microlearning solution for you.

Back to that list of to-dos you have on your desk—what could you use some help with in taking ready-to-go content and turning it into a ready-to-go solution?

Book a meeting and share with me what I can take off your plate for you, and I can help you work through how we can make it happen for you.